Love And Money

1-3, 8-9, 14-16 May @ 8.00pm

by Dennis Kelly

I'll get a job and a house and the right shoes.
David conducts an office romance by email. He has love at his fingertips but a shocking admission unravels his relationship.
Jess loves David and she believes that if she has a job and a house and the right shoes then happiness can be bought - but at what price?
A heart-wrenching black comedy which set in a fractured and dysfunctional world of bad debts and dark desires.
Love and Money have the power to kill.



7th May @ 7.00pm

by Bomafabia Wokoma

When a Nigerian family moves to London, it's a far cry from the life they'd hoped for.'Duty' explores how detatchment, discontent, gender and racial constructs play out for Petal, a young black woman, both in society and intimite relationships. Plus the bitter sweet hope of finding purpose in the midst of it all.

The Zoo Story

by Edward Albee

4th May @ 8.30pm
20th - 23rd May @ 8.45pm

Two very different men meet by chance in Central Park on a sunny Sunday afternoon. A play about isolation, social disparity, hope and connection, and the inhumanity of modern life. Witty, strange, but ultimately poignant and grounded, the friendly chat they begin will have profound effects on the direction of both their lives.


Prison Dialogues

10 - 13 May @ 7.45pm

by Mark C. Hewitt

Mark C. Hewitt’s play The Revenge Fantasy Club was shortlisted for the Best New Play Award at Brighton Fringe 2013. His latest, Prison Dialogues, consists of interweaving male and female narratives set in the everyday world of prison. Two men, three women and a text full of banter that leans playfully towards the futile – but fun.


Paler, Still

6th May @ 7.00pm
20th May @ 2.30pm
21st - 23 May @ 7.00pm

Paler, Still tells a story set in Ireland, but it is not just a story for the Irish. This small country is a microcosm for something we see happening all over the Western World. The poverty gap widens, some opportunities only available to a select few, society circling back on itself again and again and our play asks, what is the cost of progress? What is lost as we charge into the future? Are some people always left behind? And, if we despair at society, can we simply opt out?


Talking Heads -
A Lady of Letters & A Bed Among the Lentils

18 - 20 June @ 7.45pm

by Alan Bennett

Bedlamb theatre brings you two classic monologues of 20th century British writing with a production of Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads. Bennett uses a rich canvas of recognisable references and everyday life to paint a picture of two seemingly trapped women who find freedom in unconventional ways. The master of capturing our daily rituals, undermined with biting wit, these stories show how the pain of isolation can separate us from achieving our dreams and desires.


Éanna Grogan and Amy Kidd in rehearsal for Paler, Still.


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