The Winter's Tale

11th-13th July 2017 @ 8:00PM

When King Leontes suspects his wife Hermione of adultery his jealousy tears the kingdom apart. The queen is banished and believed dead, while their daughter Perdita is abandoned among simple shepherd folk. Passionate tragedy interweaves with pastoral comedy, leading to one of Shakespeare's most magical and moving denouements.
Presented by ACT Foundation.

Dreamshed Theatre


21st-24th September 2017 @ 8:00PM

An ill-fated love story set to the backdrop of Manchester City's glory years of the late 1960's.

It is late 1960s and life for young Mancunians generally and City fans in particular, is good. Janice and Tony, believing that the world is at their feet, prepare for exciting times.

Age 16+


The Foundry Group

The Ministry of Biscuits

Philip Reeve & Brian Mitchell

23rd November-30th December 2017 @ 7:30PM (some matinees)

Stop! Think before you eat that biscuit! Is it in any way fancy? If so, then you are a criminal!

London, 1948 – The Ministry of Biscuits casts its sinister shadow over every tea-time and elevenses in the land. Established to “control biscuits, and to control the idea of biscuits,” it prohibits decadent sweetmeats, such as the Gypsy Cream. But when Cedric Hobson, a junior designer, falls in love and designs a biscuit to “shake confectionery to its very foundations,” his world – and the ministry – are turned upside down.



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