An Introduction to Playwriting : Staged Readings

Sun 20th February 8:00PM

A selection of new plays from the students of ACT's Introduction To Playwriting Course.

Each student has developed a new short play during the course and these will be performed (script in hand) by professional actors.


Two Way Mirror by Arthur Miller

Fri 18th & Sat 19th March 7:30PM

A double bill of short plays for the same two actors, looking at relationships, reality and how we interact and view one another, and doing so in a witty, fast-paced, dark but warm way.

It is also regarded by many as Miller's only oblique artistic exploration of his failed marriage to Marilyn Monroe.

Lord God

Fri 25 March 7:30PM

When the Lord God is persuaded by his retainer and chief-cook-and-bottle-washer Gabriel to take an incognito holiday in a Devonshire seaside hotel he looks forward to a fortnight of uninterrupted tennis, billiards, tea on the terrace and the latest Agatha Christie. But the presence of campaigning atheist Professor 'Minty' Tweddle and her fiance, notoriously hard-to-please theatre critic Rex Addison, upsets His plans and leads to all manner of supernatural scrapes, japes and narrow escapes and the invention of a hot new global dance craze.

From the writers of 'The Ministry of Biscuits' and 'Pugs of the Frozen North' stage show
- author Philip Reeve (Mortal Engines) and playwright and composer Brian Mitchell ('Those Magnificent Men') - comes the divine new musical comedy Lord God.


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Love and Money

Fri 6 - Sun 8 May 7:45PM 
Tue 10 - Sun 15 May 7:45PM

"I’ll get a job and a house and the right shoes”.

David conducts an office romance by email. He has love at his fingertips but a shocking admission unravels his relationship.

Jess loves David and she believes that if she has a job and a house and the right shoes then happiness can be bought – but at what price?

A heart-wrenching black comedy that is set in a fractured and dysfunctional world of easy credit, bad debts and dark desires.

An examination of how love is destroyed by materialism... told backwards.


Paler, Still

Tue 17 - Fri 20 May 2022, 8:00PM
Wed 18 May 2022, 2:30PM

Nothing grows in Dublin anymore, the landscape is the same everywhere. Beyond the Pale, in the rural Irish boglands, an abandoned hotel rots. This would be a safe place to stagnate.

Or so it seems. Set in a near-future where the Western World has eaten itself into anonymity and another recession. Directed by Jack Reardon, featuring Amy Kidd and Éanna Grogan. 'Paler, Still' is a new dramatic-comedy from anseo|anois theatre.



Tue 24 - Sun 29 May 7:45PM
Fri 27 May 2:30PM

Today I killed a man." These first words plunge us into a narrative that hovers ambiguously between murder and vivid fantasy as it depicts a woman on the edge, desperate to break free of the entanglements of a love affair that's turned toxic. Has she actually killed her lover? Is this a violent reaction to coercive control? We can't be sure.

The original Portuguese version by Moncho Rodriguez (Labirinto de Amor e Morte) was toured in Brazil and Portugal by actress Marta Carvalho. This new English version, by writer Mark C. Hewitt, captures the obsessive visceral nature of the Portuguese original and adds, perhaps, a subtle layer of dark humour.


Bad Clowns: Invasion

Sat 28th May 9:30PM

For many years the Bureau for Alien Defence has kept the world safe from extra-terrestrial threats. Now a mind-controlling alien has infiltrated Earth. And worst of all, it's taken over one of the audience members. Can our intrepid special agents locate and neutralise this alien before it's too late?

'A slick, briskly paced and wonderfully anarchic production' ★★★★★ (LondonTheatre1)
Best of the Fest Comedy - IYAF 2018 

A Bit of a Carry On

Tue 31 May & Wed 1 june 7:30PM

Darling Buds of May' actor Tyler Butterworth tells the funny, moving and unashamedly nostalgic story of his much-loved parents, the nation’s first female TV impressionist Janet Brown, and the inimitable 'Carry On' star Peter Butterworth.

From heroic wartime escapades at POW camp Stalag Luft III to a night at Chequers with Mrs Thatcher, 'A Bit of a Carry On' is a warm and uplifting journey from wartime to showtime, taking us deep into the golden age of British TV and film comedy. With classic film and tv clips, rare photographs and a Q&A with Tyler, 'A Bit of a Carry On' is your chance to really get to know two of British comedy’s brightest stars, who lived to make us laugh.