Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens

1st-2nd June @ 7:30PM

A dramatic, powerful and emotionally intense piece inspired by the AIDS memorial quilt and celebrates those who have lost their lives to AIDS. A series of heart-rending monologues and songs representing the feelings and stories of 30 individuals from all walks of life including those who contracted the virus from various sources during a time when little was known about how to cure it and also of friends and family members dealing with the loss, told in free verse with a blues, jazz and rock score.


ACT Foundation in Acting


10th-12th July @ 8:00PM (some matinees)

The extraordinary debut play from the Royal Court by two brothers from Siberia. A series of seemingly unrelated scenes portray the ordinary frustrations of everyday life: office workers bickering, a couple committing adultery, grannies complaining about their husbands. But the scenes unfold to reveal the mistrust and dysfunction that have become the norm, in Russia and elsewhere.


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