Geneva Convention

Premiere of an experimental play that takes for its structure the four parts of the Geneva Convention – Wounded & Sick / Maritime / Prisoners of War / Civilians – to tell an ancient/contemporary story of the random depravity of war and its existential / psychological impacts for those who are involved and those who are not.



Road' explores the lives of a small, close-knit community living in the eponymous  'road'  in a working class, Lancashire town during the era of the 1980's Thatcher government - a time of high unemployment, civil unrest and deprivation. 

Lantern Arts Hub - Daytime Classes

A programme of daytime performing arts classes including Svreen Acting, Scene Studies and Age Positive Acting classes.




The Gift from Ashram (in Russian language, no translation)

An exciting story about four friends, emigrants from the post-Soviet space, who met in London 15 years ago.  In this thrilling psychological comedy-drama, each friend is forced to face her fears and secret desires. These are not only their personal stories but also a story about friendship, a clash of worldviews, the importance of finding a golden mean, and the courage to accept change.


The IT

A teenage girl has something growing inside her. She doesn't know what it is, but she knows it's not a baby. It expands. It has claws. Eventually it takes over the entirety of her body.


ACT Graduate Showcase 2024

The best and the brightest of Brighton's new acting talent.

Our 2023 graduates have already acquired substantial stage and film experience and are an extremely diverse and highly castable group in terms of age, type and ethnicity.