Fringe 2015 @ The Lantern

Brighton Fringe Package 2017

The Package

Overview of costs

1-4 Performances - £50 per show with 70/30 split in your favour or £24 per show guarantee whichever is the greater.
Brighton Fringe Registration: £139.00 (inc VAT)
Marketing fee £120
Administration fee £100
Technician fee £40 (2.5 hour technical rehearsal)
Operator fee £30 per show (if required)

Overview of benefits

Be part of the world’s third biggest open access arts festival.
An exciting new venue but with 17 years’ experience of producing shows.
Inclusion in the Brighton Fringe brochure, website and all the benefits of registering with the Brighton Fringe.
A discounted Brighton Fringe Registration of £138.00 (inc VAT)
Inclusion in our In House Fringe Brochure - 10,000 copies distributed across Brighton.
Inclusion on our website and promoted by us on Facebook, Twitter and via local print and web based listings.
We manage your Fringe registration
We manage your box office administration

Lantern Theatre Hire Fee

The figures below refer to a show with a maximum length of 70 mins with no interval. We work on 2 hour slots per company which allows for 30 minutes Get In, a 60 minute show and 30 minutes Get Out. If your show is longer, requires an interval, is off-site or not a traditional theatre-based performance please ask us for specific pricing details.

1-4 Performances £50 hire fee per show with a 70/30 net box office split in your favour or a guaranteed minimum of £24 per show whichever is the greater.

We will consider a longer run in exceptional circumstances. From experience we would recommend that the optimum number of shows is a run of two to four performances

Your hire fee includes a 2.5 hour tech rehearsal in the theatre (any additional time will cost £10.00 per hour). Exact timings of tech rehearsals will be booked later in the process.

Your booking will be confirmed once we have received full payment of your hire fee.

Box Office Charges

The Brighton Fringe requires that a minimum of 30% of each registered productions tickets are sold through the Fringe Box office. There is a commission of 7.8% on any tickets sold through their website or physical box office, which is subtracted before the 70/30 split is calculated.

The Lantern Theatre runs an in house/online box office service and the remainder of your tickets are sold through us. Our commission is 3%, which is subtracted before the 70/30 split.

We supply box office and FOH staff for your show/s.

Brighton Fringe Registration: £139.00 (inc VAT)

The Lantern will register your event with Brighton Fringe at a cost of £139 (inc VAT). We will send you a form requesting all of the necessary event information and images. This is the cheapest registration price you will receive for Brighton Fringe, the same price as the Early Bird Discount and cheaper that than the normal registrant rate £175 (inc VAT).

Some of the many benefits of registering your event with Brighton Fringe include:

You will be part of the world’s third biggest open access arts festival.
Inclusion in the Brighton Fringe brochure - 100,000 are circulated and distributed for 9 weeks from March through May.
Your event on the Brighton Fringe website: with over 200,000 unique visitors during the on-sale period.
Freedom to use the Brighton Fringe logo on all of your marketing material.
The opportunity to apply to perform, showcase and promote your event at any of the four outdoors Fringe City events (Brighton’s largest free outdoor event, crowds of 5,000 every Saturday during Brighton Fringe).

Marketing: £120.00

In order to make sure the largest possible audience hear about your show we ask for a £120.00 contribution towards marketing costs.

The marketing fee covers:

The production of our Lantern Theatre Fringe brochure (high quality full colour A4 Tri-Fold) which will include an image and details of your show. We produce 10,000 copies of the brochure and it is professional distributed throughout Brighton, and for the whole of the festival period, by SWAT Marketing.
Publicising your event via our Website, Facebook and Twitter as well as local print and web listings.
A press release and invitations to local, national and online reviewers.
A display area FOH for your poster and flyers.

Administration Fee: £100.00

The administration fee is a contribution towards the time we spend administering your event, handling ticket allocations, calculating box office income and the many other tasks involved with running our Brighton Fringe programme. We want you to have a great fringe experience and we work hard to ensure your time at the venue runs smoothly.

The Lantern Theatre is launching this year as a public theatre but we have run the space very successfully over the last 17 years as part of our drama school; The Academy Of Creative Training. The school regularly produces around 15 shows a year both in-house and external public productions. Our team is made up of industry based professionals with many years of professional experience as actors, directors and producers. So we know a thing or two about making and promoting theatre. We believe that the admin fee represents good value for money along with the other benefits of registering with us.

Technician Fee £40

From our experience every company always needs help when they arrive in a new space in order for things to run smoothly so that all the companies that use our space remain happy! Therefore, we require one of our wonderful in house technical team to be present when you arrive for your 2.5 hour tech rehearsal.

Optional Extras

Additional Rehearsal Space

We have a range of drama and dance studio spaces available to hire in our Brighton, Hove and Eastbourne buildings. Our normal hire rates are £14 - £17 per hour per space but as part of the Fringe Package we can offer rehearsal rates of £12 an hour depending on availability - to companies booking with us during the Brighton Fringe. Companies booking more than 20 hours a week will receive an additional 15% discount.

If you require additional rehearsal time in the theatre during the fringe we charge £10.00 an hour but availability is limited so please request your time as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Operator Fee

You may bring in your own technician but if you require an operator for your show it will cost £30 per show to have one of our bank of trained technicians to operate sound and/or lighting. The fee to use one of our technicians will be taken out of your final box office settlement.

Ticket Prices

We appreciate that costs can be high to put performances on at the Fringe and that most shows will not make money. As a company or individual you have to think hard about what you want from your Fringe experience. The Fringe is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your work and get those all-important first reviews that you can use to sell your show in the future.

Our minimum ticket price structure is £8.00 for a full price ticket and £7.00 for a concession. You cannot sell tickets under this price. If you want to sell tickets under this price or run a free show then an additional minimum guarantee per show fee must be agreed prior to the booking.
Obviously you can choose to set a higher ticket price but we would recommend that this is a good model for the Fringe.

The company will be allocated 2 complementary tickets per show. We and the Fringe also reserve the right to allocate (with your permission) complementary press tickets.
We have a maximum capacity of 60 seated and 90 standing giving you a potential gross income of £480 seated and £720 standing per show.

Additional Costs not included in our package that you should consider

Poster and Flyer Design & Printing Costs

We would recommend around 5,000 flyers and 40 posters and take around 200 flyers and 5-10 posters for our FOH – the Fringe will ask for around the same. You will also have to consider distribution of your flyers and posters. There are several companies – such as SWAT who will distribute your flyers and posters for a fee. You will need to obtain a flyering licence from the Fringe if you want to distribute your flyers by hand in town. The flyering licence is included as part of your Fringe registration.


If you are using any music in your show, you may need to arrange licences and pay a licence fee. The fee is to make sure that the people involved in creating the music you are using receive a payment for the use of their work. These people include composers, musicians, writers, singers, record companies and music publishers.

A PRS for music form must be completed for every event in the Brighton Fringe, regardless of whether or not you are using music.

The two main types of licence of which you need to be aware:

Grand Right works: if you are performing a dramatic work (or part of a dramatic work) with specially written music, such as an opera, ballet or musical, you need to get permission directly from the rights-holders. This is usually the publisher.

PRS for Music: For most other music, whether performed live or using recorded music, a PRS for Music licence is required.

You will need to liaise directly with the Brighton Fringe to discuss music usage for your event. The fee for incidental music in a presentation in the Fringe is £10.16 + VAT regardless of the number of performances. The Brighton Fringe will take your PRS fees from your box office takings. There is a dedicated page on the Brighton Fringe website offering PRS advice and guidance.

Performing Rights

If you want to put on a performance of a play that’s in copyright, whether you’re a professional company, an amateur group or an individual, you will need to apply for the rights to perform that play. You will need to contact the playwrights publisher or agent to obtain permission to perform the play and to ascertain the costs of the licence. Most agents work on a fee per performance based on the size of venue and the ticket price. Rights are not always granted so please ensure that you have these in place before publicising your production.

Also -

A programme for your show – design & printing costs.
Travel and accommodation.
Production costs: Set & Props. Actors, Designers and Directors fees, Stage Management, Transport etc.

Example Calculation

If you were looking to do three performances and provided your own technician:
Hire fee: 3 performances x £50 £150.00
Brighton Fringe Registration £139.00
Marketing Fee £120.00
Admin fee £100.00
Technician Fee £40.00

Total Cost to complete your booking
at The Lantern Theatre £549.00

If you need more information or to ask any questions please contact our office at or phone 01273 818266

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