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06/05/2020 7:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Paler, Still

Paler, Still

by Oonagh Wall in collaboration with the company.

Nothing grows in Dublin anymore.
Concrete, glass and grey. The landscape is the same everywhere,
Beyond the Pale, in the rural Irish boglands, an abandoned Hotel rots.
This would be a safe place to stagnate.
Or so it seems.
Set in a near-future Ireland were the Western World has eaten itself into anonymity and another recession: Paler, Still is a new tragi-comedy and is anseo|anois theatre's debut production.
Paler, Still tells a story set in Ireland, but it is not just a story for the Irish. This small country is a microcosm for something we see happening all over the Western World. The poverty gap widens, some opportunities only available to a select few, society circling back on itself again and again and our play asks, what is the cost of progress? What is lost as we charge into the future? Are some people always left behind? And, if we despair at society, can we simply opt out?

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