Welcome To The Lantern Theatre

The Lantern Theatre is versatile and flexible performance space in the heart of Brighton, Sussex. We programme a wide range of theatre and performance as well as being the home venue of ACT Brighton the South Coast's premier Drama School.

What's On



Fringe Preview Night

2nd May 7:00PM

Chopped Liver & Unions

3rd - 5th May 7:00PM


3rd - 5th May 9:00PM

Plastic & Chicken Bones

9th May 5:00PM
10th - 12th May 9:00PM

Six Characters in Search of Pirandello

9th - 12th May 7:00PM


10th, 11th, 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th May 9:00PM

In an alternate universe, I don’t want to live in the UK

11th - 12th May 5:00PM

2 Queers in Tears?

16th May 7:00PM
24th May 5:00PM

The Trials of Magnus Coffinkey

16th - 19th May 9:00PM

The Waiting Room

17th - 19th May 5:00PM

Dinner! Darlings! Dinner!

17th - 19th May 7:00PM

The Rain

17th & 18th May 7:00PM

Love and Information by Caryl Churchill

20th May 5:00PM

That Witch Helen

23rd - 25th May 7:00PM

Karaoke at the S.U

Theatre / Comedy
23rd - 26th May 9:00PM

Coffee After Therapy

Theatre / Musical
25th - 26th May 5:00PM


26th May 7:00PM

Geneva Convention

27th - 29th May 9:00PM
28th - 29th May 7:00PM

The Strange Case of Dr Dillon

30th May 7:00PM

The South Of Somewhere Else

Theatre / Comedy
30th May - 2nd June 2:00PM

Kitchen Underwear

31st May - 1st June 7:00PM

1,2,3. sh*t. that’s my OCD.

31st May - 1st June 5:00PM

Seldom Differ: Work in Progress

1st June 9:00PM

Chuck ‘n’ Jeck

Theatre / Comedy
1st - 2nd June 9:00PM

The Olive Boy

Theatre / Comedy
6th - 8th June 7:30PM


Theatre / Comedy
15th June 8:00PM

ACT Two Week Acting Workshop

3rd - 13th June


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Finlay Bar

Our Finlay Bar is a unique place to have a pre, interval or post-show drink. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are available, alongside our carefully curated wine & beer menu.

Brighton Fringe 2024

We have an exciting programme this Fringe starting in May - Book Now.

Studio Hire

Spaces are available to hire daytime, evenings and weekends. Our spaces are suitable for a range of Dance and Drama activities as well as for meetings, teaching and training, Yoga, martial arts, youth groups and so on. The Lantern Theatre @ ACT Brighton.

Theatre Hire

The theatre is available for hire throughout the year, dependent on availability and the approval of the Artistic Director. The theatre has a maximum seated capacity of 50 theatre style and 70 standing. There are two entrances to the space and the performance area can be arranged in a variety of configurations from traverse to in the round.

ACT Brighton

ACT is the only Drama School on the South Coast offering a professional actor training. ACT consistently achieves a Graduate employment rate of 65%.

Our ethos is to provide access to professional Drama Training and acting classes for talented individuals who have been unable to follow traditional routes into the acting profession through lack of academic qualifications, financial restrictions or family responsibilities.

Courses run during the evenings and weekends so that students can earn a living or maintain family commitments. Students must be 18+ to apply to the Diploma in Acting and 16+ for the Foundation in Acting and all other adult courses. There is no upper age limit.

AKT - Act Kids Theatre runs on Saturdays during term time and is open to students 6 to 18 years old.