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May 31
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    Prison Dialogues

    7:45 pm-9:00 pm

    Prison Dialogues

    By Mark C. Hewitt

    Prison Dialogues consists of interweaving male and female dialogues set in the everyday of prison. Two men, three women and a text full of banter that leans playfully towards the futile. Prison Dialogues is written by Mark C. Hewitt, whose last Brighton Fringe play, The Revenge Fantasy Club, was shortlisted for the Best New Play Award in 2013. This new play, which is loosely informed by the writer’s observations while working as an artist in UK prisons, is performed by Leann O’Kasi, Sarah J. Lewis, Araba Jane, Connor Mills and Sonny Jaiteh. With incidental music by Brighton composer Peter Copley.

    An LLL Production

    Age suitability: 16 +

    Content Warning: References to Mental Illness, References to Suicide/Self Harm, Swearing.