Who Gets The Cat?

Who Gets The Cat?

A new play by Sandy Truman

Laurence, happily married to Samantha, starts to notice that he’s getting one grey hair too many and is beginning to pant when he climbs the stairs.

His solution is to rejuvenate himself through the charms of a younger woman, but now there are four in the marriage -  and one of them is the murderous moggy Biggles!

As Laurence copes with all the problems his new life throws up, including endless hours at the gym getting a six-pack, Samantha is left to grapple with his betrayal and her own renewal.

‘Who Gets the Cat?’ explores, with humour, the problems facing those in the third age, and the impact on family and friends.


Who Gets The Cat?

27-29 September 2018 @ 7.45pm

30 September 2018 @ 2.30pm

Tickets £12.00 / £10.00