Staged Readings from ACT Playwriting Course

Staged Readings from ACT Playwriting Course

W.M.D. Woman Of Mass Deception by Strat Mastoris

Everyone's heard of Helen of Troy, and how her seduction led to the Trojan War - but doesn't thousands of deaths seem just a teeny bit excessive for one woman being led astray?     Here's the real story behind the war- with apologies to Homer ... and to Saddam Hussein.

The Meal by Sam Savage

One couple. One restaurant. Four different moments in time where love is the main dish. But is that ever enough when the past threatens to swallow you whole. 

'The people who give you their food give you their heart'  Cesar Chavez

7 Deadly Pints by Moon Berglind

One bartender. Two old flames. Seven deadly sins. Will their love stand the test of sin?

Escape by Charlotte Naughton

When a family dinner goes horribly wrong, Archie runs for the railway tracks, searching for peace in his space between worlds. But is his attempt to find himself causing him to lose too much?

Medium by Isaac Freeman
In Victorian London, two men sit waiting. One has a secret the other doesn't want to know. But will he accept what's in front of him? And what will it cost them both?

The Writers:

Moon Berglind is an actor and recent ACT graduate. This is their first play.

Strat Mastoris was a professional photographer, but he's always been fascinated by theatre.  He's done lighting design on over a hundred fringe productions, as well as directing a few, and written theatre reviews for FringeReview for over ten years. Now Strat's leaving the critic's comfortable seat in the stands, and stepping into the arena himself.   This is his first play.

Charlotte Naughton is a production editor on the Guardian newspaper. She has worked with words for 25 years, but this is her first play.

Sam Savage has lived in Sussex for 16 years and discovered her love of doing stand up comedy while living here. The Meal is the first play she has written.

Isaac Freeman is a recent graduate and aspiring theatre maker from Sussex. This is his first play since leaving university.

Sun 18th February 2024 8:00PM

Tickets: £7.50 / £6.00 (ACT Student)

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