by Peter Mulligan

Here’s to breakdowns, burnt bridges and no answers.

Tiny Room Theatre Company presents ‘Loop’ written by Peter Mulligan and directed by Joe Idris-Roberts. This short drama shows a snapshot of life with depression.

The story follows hopeless barman Chris, who is in desperate need to end his shift. Enter presumptuous regular Steve, who convinces Chris it’s only fair to serve him one more round. One drink turns to several and swiftly last orders become a lock in. As the pair become more intoxicated, they unveil wistful dreams and bitter disappointments.

The liquor frees them to speak candidly about each other’s failures, though neither seem willing to listen. The night becomes stranger when bewitched hobo Paul arrives determined to bring Chris enlightenment.

This raw, thought-provoking piece grapples with heavy themes, including an honest exploration of depression and suicide.


Fri 26th November 2021 7:30PM

Tickets £8.00 / £6.00