Don't Be A Stranger

Don't Be A Stranger

written by Charlie Douglas, with help from Jay Langley

Ash moved away from Cornwall 5 years ago from their small village named Trewith, but now they're back to mourn the life of their friend Tom during a wake in a pub that's all too familiar. And the bartender; an old distant flame, Bry, burned out from shame.
But one thing's missing from the speeches, the songs, the memories of their dear friend. Tom was gay. Tom was too afraid. Tom had a boyfriend. A beautiful boyfriend. Tom couldn't handle it. And that's why the Korev is being poured.
Ash finds it hard to face grief in the face in a place filled with incomplete stories and memories which they can't say. Is it easier to die and live a life of truth or stay, but never live? But one thing's for sure, and that's...
Don't Be a Stranger, ok?

Thu 15 Feb 2024, 7:30PM
Fri 16 Feb 2024, 7:30PM
Sat 17 Feb 2024, 7:30PM

Tickets: £10 / £8

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Company: When Sharks Fly

Duration: 60 mins

Venue Accessibility:

Assistance Dogs Welcome Assistance Dogs Welcome

Poster Art: Robin-Felix Griffiths  @r.ustyart.