The Caucasian Chalk Circle

by Bertolt Brecht

29th - 31st August @ 7.30pm

“Terrible is the temptation to do good”

A civil war – tyrant leaders are killed and soldiers rule the streets. Amidst the conflict, a servant girl must make a life changing decision: flee the city alone, or risk everything to save an abandoned child…


Martha Gellhorn-Troubles Seen

Developed by Sian Webber and Jack Klaff

7th September @ 8.00pm

The Great Depression, Spain's Civil War, Nuremberg, Greenham, The Miners' Strike, El Salvador: Martha Gellhorn wrote unmatched despatches about practically every major story of the 20th Century, always siding with the ordinary folk, always railing against governments and the powerful.


City 125 - The Club with No History

by Bill Cronshaw

18th & 20th October @ 7.30pm

Dreamshed Theatre is delighted to return to the Lantern Theatre with Bill Cronshaw’s new show which takes a romp through Manchester City’s history in this, City’s 125th anniversary year.

This revue-style show takes liberties with dry historical facts to track City’s journey to the Etihad.


His Letters

By John Martin Stevens

19th October @ 7.30pm

Dreamshed Theatre

During the early years of the second world war two evacuees meet in a small Wiltshire town where a friendship and love affair begins that will last a lifetime.

When, sixty years later their love letters and other correspondence are rediscovered, it soon becomes clear that whilst war brought them together, peace could have torn them apart.



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